Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Going back to my hometown for a few days ..Yahooo!!
And now Azhar is waiting and staying up patiently for 5 more hours before departure. Just imagine,how discipline I am , right? sorta..hohoho!! ( I used to be a late comer indeed and perhaps still ) hohoho!!
Now let me tell u. I was Very Super Duper excited yesterday as I went to a seminar by Marianna Pascal. It's about how to speak English fast and easy.. You know, never in my expectation I would meet a writer of the book that I used to read. That's just amazing! not just the book,the person herself is just too good to be true.. I recommend u all to buy her book too, "English Fast And Easy".  I bet u will never regret buying it ! Actually i didn't really buy the book,just borrowed from my niece for almost 1 year!Hahaha!! But I will buy her book someday. ok,until we meet again....
Salam Azhar ^^
Sibu, Here I come!!


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